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Our Services

Our Services

Our service is comprehensive, professional, but most of all great value for your money. We pride ourselves with only working with 'quality horses with a vast array of professional partners that ensures that what we say is what you get, the horses are what we know they are, our existing clients trust explicitly and come back again and again either to sell or to buy again or even upgrade to their next Dream Horse.

We are friendly, trustworthy experts that offers choice, knowledge, X-rays, proven track competition records, test ride on your behalf, short list a selection of horses, we will offer a tailor made solution, just provide us with your dressage needs. 


  • You need to sell your horse
  • You need to find your dream horse
  • You need assistance in selecting a horse
  • You have seen a horse and are unsure, you need a second opinion

What is the cost?

The 'selection and purchase' service we offer is provided with a cost that is within the sale price of the extensive choice of quality dressage horses.  Therefore, we are financially rewarded by a commission only basis, our client's therefore do not get charged on top of the purchase cost of the horse.

When is right?

Call us today on: +44 (0) 7915 250708 and we will ensure that we provide you with the solution that will get you closer to your dream horse.